Art for Care

Something that became hugely clear to me, was that active participation in creative activities is eminently beneficial to children, particularly the young and the elderly. Projects such as Art for Care can provide a safe space for self-expression, as well as developing a valuable sense of togetherness and community.

Ms. Elis Art for Care engages but not limited to with local after-care schools and elderly residencies. No matter if you need support in your daily routines or to implement new ideas – with Ms. Elis Art for Care you’ll easily find artistic helping hands and creative minds.

” 真正重要的東西,眼睛是看不見的 ” ( What essential is invisible to the eye )。這是我於 2016 在柏林首次公開作品展演上說的一句話。( 引用於小王子 書籍之言) 至今我仍相信著真正重要的東西,用眼睛是看不見的;而是背後所付出的意義對本身這個人有什麼樣的感受。也許是他心靈是豐富的、精神上是富裕的。




至今,艾莉絲藝術創作班固定每月兩次在 Kinderclub Junior SC Potsdam 提供藝術創作多元課程。課後,聽著園長訴說每個孩子背後都有我們想像不到的家庭及故事。

艾莉絲藝術創作班 ART FOR CARE 種子會繼續延續下去,並一步一腳印擴張到其他當地輔導小學以及養老中心。


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